Industries That We Serve

Our teams of expertly trained security officers provide excellent protection and security services to a wide range of businesses. This includes high-end hotels, municipalities, event venues, educational establishments, private residential estates, and individuals and families who are at-risk throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Taurus Protection Inc. is your single point of contact for armed and unarmed security services.

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With a rising number of attacks, natural disasters and theft, corporate security has become a necessity in the business world. The role of corporate security is to protect businesses, its technologies, and employees from internal and external threats. Protection at the workplace is available for mass layoffs, termination, or violent threats from former employees, contractors or customers. Other services include risk management, crime prevention, physical and personal security, and crisis management.

Taurus Protection Inc. offers a free security consultation to help you determine your risk and best course of action!


We partner with commercial and retail property managers to protect people, property and merchandise. Facility directors and property managers need security to secure the property's perimeter, building entrances, entry lobbies, employee entries, halls and public zones. Retail owners and managers hire security for property protection during occupancy changes, increased vacancies, construction, and to enforce public health guidelines outlined by state and local ordinance.

Entertainment Industry

We are well known in Southern California for our venue and personal protection services. Industry management hires us for high-profile venues including red carpet events, PR events, promotional launches, TV and film premiers with after-parties, award shows, fundraisers, auctions, sports tournaments and VIP parties. We work with all security teams – celebrities, event producers, and local officials – for stargazing high-profile events.

Executive/Close Protection

Executive Protection services mitigate elevated and evolving personal risk of individuals due to their prominence, wealth, travel destination, or other risk factors. Taurus Protection Inc. employs top tier operators to handle your situation discreetly and professionally that is unmatched in our industry. We have an elite network of agents with years of real-world experience to meet all the needs of our clients. Our Executive Protection agents have completed assignments around the globe. We are hired directly by the clients or their manager to provide executive protection for business executives, A-List celebrities, royalty, foreign dignitaries, recording artists, and VIPs. Enlisting an executive protection service is necessary to maintain client safety and privacy.

Events Industry

Taurus Protection Inc. plans and executes security for small- or large-scale events to ensure specific safety and security solutions are met. We specialize in high-end, customer-focused security solutions tailored to client needs. Taurus Protection ensures your event runs safely so you and your guests can enjoy the occasion. We are hired directly by private clients and event coordinators to provide security teams for events at banquet halls, museums, churches, temples, and event venues for birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen, quinceanera, special occasions, holiday events, and private parties. We are your preferred security for every occasion!

Government Agencies

Even the government needs help from time to time, whether that is on a local or state level. We are called on to help with crowd containment, terrorist activities, and other at-risk situations because we provide a high level of professionalism and specialized training.

Hospitality Industry

We proudly manage security in the hospitality industry. Our clients include boutique hotels and luxury resorts that are a magnet for the Hollywood elite, international visitors and locals alike. We consider guest comfort and hotel staff safety our top priorities. To deliver an optimal guest experience, you must balance comfort and safety. As an extension of your front desk and staff, our security team provides customer service based security while being the eyes and ears of your establishment. We have tailored our hospitality security to fit the unique needs and environment of your establishment. At Taurus Protection Inc., we deliver exceptional hospitality security!

Maritime Industry

Whether you are an import/exporter or own a shipping or container company, you know how important it is to protect your goods, especially when you enter and leave ports as large and busy as Los Angeles. We protect your ships, containers, merchandise, and the port grounds surrounding the area.


Your private estate deserves the best protection! Taurus Protection Inc. integrates estate operations with security technology and executive protection agents. We understand protocol with family, estate staff, guests, and alarm systems. We monitor traffic in and out of the estate, including guests, contractors, and vendors. Our 24/7 monitoring allows us to view all aspects of your electronic security system while retaining the aesthetics of your property. We take care of every detail of security so you can continue living a comfortable lifestyle.

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