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Security Services:
Your Peace of mind is Number One!

If you thought security companies were the same, think again. Everyone talks a good game but can they deliver? When you hire security personnel to protect you, your event or your venue, you want a company that is reliable, has integrity, is well-thought of in its industry and provides excellent, professional, and respectful service to its clients.

Security Standards We Live By

Taurus Protection, Inc. was founded on these principles. Established by a highly-decorated former Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and a former British Soldier, the company takes an innovative approach to security services providing expertise in counter-terrorism, executive protection, and event security. This high standard is assured by hiring only certified and qualified agents and providing them with top-notch training.


Our Security Services

All our agents have extensive law enforcement training, military backgrounds or years of security experience. We offer four types of security:

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Maritime Security

We offer a range of maritime security services for yachts, cruise liners, and port security. Our officers are trained to detect and prevent security threats that may affect ships or port facilities.

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Patrol Services

You often see patrol guards at businesses, educational institutions, and public or private buildings; they are an integral part of the security system.

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Armed Security

Armed security guards are hired for numerous reasons from personal to estate protection to business security or as a deterrent such as in the case where money, jewels or proprietary information is being transported.

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Event Security

Hotels, concert promoters, individuals, and corporations, all have this one thing in common. They must take a long list of logistics into consideration when planning an event.

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Executive Protection

Our executive protection agents can handle the more difficult and developing situations. If needed, they can blend into the crowd as a subtle deterrent.

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Uniformed Security

Retailers, private and public industry, and schools all hire uniformed protection security guards for many reasons including their client’s peace of mind


Our agents have a broad range of experience protecting dignitaries, celebrities, high profile corporate individuals and their families. Taurus Protection, Inc. values our clients and strives to provide the best service based on our experience, training, and expertise. We take great pride in maintaining a client list developed over many years of trusted partnerships. Your safety and security are our top priority.

Our personnel are always dressed appropriately and provide service that is beyond compare. Make your security seamless. Do it now. It's as easy as a phone call to (805) 871-9599. We can also be reached by email at info@taurusprotectioninc.com.

When you think of Taurus Protection, Inc. remember we have the bull by the horns.


I am extremely happy with their security services

Eagle Inn is currently using Taurus Protection Inc. for our security and I am extremely happy with their services. Their level of customer service far outdoes any other company I've used in the past.

- Paul Bullock

Courteous and Professional

Thank you so much! You and your staff were wonderful, courteous and professional. I so appreciate it!
– Amber S.

I highly recommend their security service

I have personally seen these security officers in action. They are clean, professional and friendly. I highly recommend their security service.
– Sarah M.

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