The History of Taurus Protection Inc.

The State of Security and Protection Services

Today’s, security requires a varied scope of experienced professionals and first-responders including law enforcement, military, medics and the private sector. Due to changes on the world stage, the demand for trained customer service-oriented security officers to fill security roles across the industry is high. Clients want and need a dynamic response encompassing prevention, incident services, and technological programs.

Old Standards No Longer Make the Cut

Old methodologies and low industry standards are no longer meeting the need for sophisticated safety and security. Taurus Protection Inc. was founded to evolve with the changing security industry and to meet high industry standards for our clients. The owners have a combined 30 years in the industry and understand what needs to be in place to get the job done efficiently and accurately. The company was originally established in Santa Barbara, California and has expanded its client relationships throughout the state of California. We have grown to become the first choice for a security provider in Southern California with the commitment to provide unwavering superior security solutions.

Our vision parallels that of our clients – Prevention for peace of mind! Unified by great people, culture and accomplishments, the company is built to leave a legacy for future security industry leaders in the years to come. Taurus Protection, Inc. strives to bring you, your business and your event the highest quality protection and security services in the industry.  We are your first line of defense.