Taurus Protection Executive Staff

Experience matters! Taurus Protection, Inc. caters to businesses and high-end residential clients, who, in turn, benefit from our years of expertise in counter-intelligence, protection, and security industries. We believe that honesty, trustworthiness, and sound business practices emanate from the top down. We invite you to find out more about our Executive Team below.

Tom R.

CEO and Owner

Our CEO and owner, Tom R., served in the British Army as part of the 1st Battalion Regiment of the Irish Guards.


Shane Q.

CFO and Owner

Our co-owner and CFO, Shane Q., is a retired highly decorated Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff.


Elric G.

Director of Training

Our Director of Training, Elric G., is a former United States Marine with five years of active duty experience.


Sarah B.

Director of Marketing & Administration

Our Director of Marketing and Administration, Sarah, brings over fifteen years of experience in editing and marketing, educational and resource development, and emergency medical care.


Samuel B.

North District Supervisor

Our North District Supervisor, Samuel, is a former United States Marine with three years of active duty experience.


Rafael M.

South District Supervisor

Our South District Supervisor, Rafael M., has over ten years of experience in the security industry.