Security Services That We Offer

Taurus Protection Inc. is a security services provider that offers high-quality protection to businesses and individuals. We provide a variety of services such as Uniformed Security Services, Executive Protection, Event Security, Armed Security, Patrol Services, and Maritime Security. Our skilled security officers are trained to blend seamlessly into their environment, perform access control, conduct vehicle security inspections, issue temporary access credentials, and manage the security of terminals and cargo. To learn more about our services, please click on the "LEARN MORE" button below.

Maritime Security

We offer a range of maritime security services for yachts, cruise liners, and port security. Our officers are trained to detect and prevent security threats that may affect ships or port facilities.


Patrol Services

You often see security patrol at businesses, HOA's, and public or private buildings; they are an integral part of the security system.


Armed Security

Armed security officers are hired for numerous reasons from personal to estate protection to business security or as a deterrent such as in the case where money, jewels or proprietary information is being transported.


Event Security

Hotels, concert promoters, individuals, and corporations, all have this one thing in common. They must take a long list of logistics into consideration when planning an event.


Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection Agents can handle the more difficult and developing situations. If needed, they can blend into the crowd as a subtle deterrent.


Uniformed Security

Retailers, private and public industry, all hire uniformed  security officers for many reasons including their client’s peace of mind