Personal Security - Am I a Target?

There are a variety of reasons why you may find the need for an extra level of security. Taking appropriate precautions can be a lifesaver and save you from a financial chain reaction of crime. Personal security offers extra protection. Don’t wait unit something devastating happens. It is our job to prevent destructive actions from happening so you can focus on creating the best life for you and your family.

A personal protection agent is trained in situational awareness and identifying immediate threats. They can quickly get you to safety and deter criminals or stalkers from inflicting harm. So how do you determine if you are a target?

Here are a few people that may find themselves in need of hiring personal protection:

1. CEOs and Top Executives

A changing economic climate in this country has resulted in layoffs, bankruptcies and financial hardships for many. Security considerations should be at the top of your priorities, considering how violence has escalated. Many emerging entrepreneurs and top executives carry limited cash on hand, yet if the public perceives you to be an instant millionaire that is enough to motivate harmful action against you.  

CEOs and Top Executives typically control companies ranging in millions to billions of dollars, presenting a unique set of safety risks. There is a higher risk of needing protection from disgruntled employees, corporate crimes, kidnapping or threats at your home. A personal guard is trained to detect, handle and eliminate threats against you or your family.

2. Wealthy Individuals

Wealthier individuals are often targeted with a high risk at their place of residence. It is of the utmost importance to hire private protection with individuals often in the limelight, “high-profile” clients.

High profile clients have been partnering with businesses and sponsoring products on their social media outlets for additional wealth and public exposure. Many of these posts are unknowingly harmful since the backdrop is often their personal space inside their home, exposing personal belongings and valuables. Promoting your upcoming seminars and the places you frequent also creates a high risk of harm. It is important to evaluate your public exposure where you are easily physically accessible. These individuals are at greater risk of fanatics or people who dislike them. Private protection will provide safety to the individual and family.

3. Handling Money or Valuables

Any employees who handle money, prescription drugs, jewelry, designer merchandise or other valuables are at risk of violence. Handlers need protection from anyone who may want to steal money or valuables during processing or transportation. A private protection guard will stand watch over your surroundings at all times to detect suspicious behavior and prevent robberies.

4. Targets of Attention

Being in the public eye, even if momentarily, can attract unwanted attention. Winning the lottery, witnessing a crimes, or other sudden attention may warrant hiring personal protection. Your exposure can trigger public attention that heightens your susceptibility to threats. You may not even realize you are a target caught in the sudden storm of public attention. A consultation for your individual case will determine the best course of action to take back control and create a safe environment.

5. Divorce or Domestic Abuse Cases

In cases of divorce or domestic abuse, a person may feel their life is in danger or have been physically threatened. Security can oversee visits between spouses who are in conflict to ensure the safety of both parties. A person may also feel safer with a personal security guard escorting them to and from court appearances. In either case, personal security will provide the safety you are looking for.

Personal security is affordable and accessible. When you hire personal security, you want a company that cares about doing the job right with skilled personnel and reasonable prices. Our priority is helping to keep everyone safe and bringing peace of mind so you can feel protected from threats to your personal safety. If you feel you are in need of personal protection for any reason, Taurus Protection, Inc. will consult with you to evaluate your individual needs. Put that responsibility in the hands of those who have earned the trust of their clients with years of experience in the security industry.

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