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Armed Security

Armed Security

Armed security officers are hired for numerous reasons, from personal to estate protection to business security or as a deterrent, such as when money, jewels, or proprietary information is being transported. Armed security guards also:

  • Protect a client’s employees, associates, or family members.
  • Monitor alarm and closed-circuit TV cameras.
  • Provide mobile and walking patrols to ensure safety and security.
  • Detain an individual or perform a citizen’s arrest of anyone not following the rules and regulations assigned by the establishment.
  • Answer service calls related to criminal activities or other perceived problems.

Our armed security officers present a clean, crisp image and conduct themselves with pride and a positive professional image to the public. They are selected for their level of experience and qualifications. Our officers go through a mandatory training academy, which goes above and beyond the standards required by California state law.

During their training, our officers learn the fundamentals of various scenarios. Our instructors focus on weapons safety and situational awareness, preparing our armed officers to engage in peaceful de-escalations. At Taurus Protection Inc., we only select officers at the top of their class who serve as an outstanding deterrent to those who may pose problems for our clients.

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