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Event Security

Hotels, concert promoters, individuals, and corporations all have this one thing in common. They must consider a long list of logistics when planning an event. And that includes hiring security personnel. These trained professionals have a range of responsibilities to ensure the venue and everyone in it remains safe.

What does event security do? Here are a few of the many duties they are often tasked with:

  • Screen guests (check tickets, credentials, purses, and other bags).
  • Patrol the grounds.
  • Protect guests, employees, and performers.
  • De-escalate any crowd control issue.
  • Provide escorts for any guests who become unruly.
  • Detain or perform a citizen’s arrest on any individual violating the venue rules or law.
  • Keep accurate, detailed reports on any incidents that can be used for criminal/civil litigation proceedings.
  • Direct traffic and parking.

Our event security staff have law enforcement, military, or extensive security experience. They will adapt to the needs of your event, whether it is a black tie event or one for which a suit and tie or a polo shirt with dress pants may be better suited. We provide security for various events, including major corporate marketing events, corporate staff events, sports and entertainment, music venues, county fairs, festivals, concerts, rallies, and private celebrity parties.

Our staff is experienced in customer service, crowd control and management, wristband checkpoints, pat-downs, and wand use. Each security officer is briefed on their position at the event and the venue layout, including locations of emergency equipment and exit plans. Our event security staff receives the training to handle the most complex and challenging incidents that may occur, including crisis response. This gives our clients confidence that our agents are prepared to handle any situation professionally.

Let us take your next event to a new level of security excellence.

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