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Executive Protection

To protect themselves from potential danger, high-profile individuals such as celebrities, VIPs, or corporate executives hire personal security, better known as Executive Protection Agents. The EP agent travels with the client and their entourage, making sure to secure all locations and working hand-in-hand with onsite security to make their employers' experience safe and seamless.

Executive Protection Agents must be flexible as their schedule changes with the client's priorities. Our agents have been trained to de-escalate tense situations that may arise, as well as respond to emergencies, providing onsite medical assistance when needed. But this is only a portion of what EP professionals do. Here is a list of their other duties:

  • Provide personal protection and other security-related functions.
  • Effectively manage client requests against the need to ensure all safety and security precautions.
  • Take appropriate steps for protective advance planning and perform threat vulnerability assessments.
  • Operate and maintain protective, operations, and communications equipment,
  • Identify and escalate deficiencies or failures.
  • Safely transport clients; trained in evasive and defensive driving tactics.
  • Complete administrative duties, including suspicious activity reports, medical treatment reports, incident reports, shift logs, and pattern of life reports.
  • Lead counter-surveillance operations.
  • Assist with protection schedules and team assignments.

We Are Thorough in Our Investigations

Before assigning a security agent(s), we provide a complete assessment of the client's needs, such as travel routes, alternate routes if needed, and the number of people accompanying the client, as in the case of an executive team or family unit, and the risk factors involved.

All of our executive protection agents have extensive law enforcement or military backgrounds. Their more advanced training allows them to handle the more complex and developing situations. Our agents can also blend in with the crowd and be a subtle deterrent, able to react instantly to any situation or crisis that may arise.

Protection is our specialty. Call us today.

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