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Patrol Services

You often see security patrol officers at businesses, educational institutions, and public or private buildings; they are an integral part of the security system. What are the responsibilities of a security patrol officer?

Patrol Officers:

  • Control access to a private business by following specific procedures, including viewing employees’ company badges, and obtaining and logging visitors’ information.
  • Lock/unlock doors at designated times.
  • Check exterior doors, windows, entrances and gates, and safety hazards on property.
  • Observe and monitor video cameras, alarm systems while patrolling the property or from a desk or counter.
  • Supervise and secure the premises by conducting daily building inspections.
  • Respond to situations inside a business.
  • Walk people to their cars, provide directions and other information, issue traffic warnings.
  • Keep an eye out for vagrants or trespassers and remove them off property.
  • Deter criminal activity.
  • Late night employee checks.

Patrol services can be combined with alarm response and surveillance for better protection.  We provide security patrol for residential communities, construction sites, retail, commercial properties, and parking lots providing 24/7 security patrol throughout California. We have qualified armed or unarmed guards with CPR/First Aid certification driving our patrol vehicles. Taurus Protection Inc. offers a customized patrol service for your business.

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