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Uniformed Security

Retailers, private and public industry, and schools all hire uniformed security guards for many reasons including their client’s peace of mind. Uniformed security guards are also trained to:

  • Secure the premises and personnel by patrolling the property, inspecting buildings, equipment and access points, permitting entry, and monitoring surveillance equipment.
  • Respond to emergencies.
  • Ensure the security, safety, and well-being of all personnel, visitors, and the premises.
  • Protect client’s belongings from theft, assault, fire, and other safety issues.
  • Follow procedures for traffic control, property protection, accident investigation, and fire prevention, etc.
  • Remain in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Maintain the business or organization's stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements.
  • Adhere to all service and operating standards.
  • Provide excellent customer service.

We Blend into the Crowd

Our uniformed security guards are prepared to handle all types of security challenges. They receive specialized training that meets and exceeds the highest industry standards. By the time our uniformed agents have been assigned to you, our team of experts has thoroughly assessed your property, giving them the upper hand in protecting that environment and the people in it. We understand the risks our guards take on a daily basis. It is imperative that they are always at the ready to protect our customers and themselves.

Our agents have law enforcement, military, or extensive security experience. Wearing our company polo shirt featuring the Taurus Protection Inc. patches and uniform pants give our guards a more subtle look so they are more approachable to those seeking help than those dressed in typical security uniforms. Our uniformed security personnel can be armed or unarmed depending on the required level of security. We have the training, know-how, and expertise to deal with any situation that arises.  We are a well-oiled, security-driven machine.

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